Sequoia Sunset

Ok, I got lazy for the month of May. That does not mean I took no good photos though! For my birthday, I finally made it out to Sequoia National Park. Here is a stab at an HDR sunset. I think I am finally getting close to doing these right.

Sunset Trail

Sunset Trail

Anza Borrego

I was driving through Anza Borrego when I had to stop and take this picture. The mid-day lighting that makes the desert so difficult was mediated by a splendid cloud structure over these mountains.

Anza Borrego near Ocotillo Wells

Anza Borrego near Ocotillo Wells

Desert at Sunrise

I am working hard to get the kind of colors I want out of a desert landscape. I think I am getting closer. This is from the desert east of Brawley.


We took my truck out to the desert for a couple of days this weekend. Here it is in all manner of fun environments! We got in late to our first destination and Google directed us along a back route that turned out to be a very uneven and waterlogged set of farm roads. Thus we started out the by giving the Blazer a respectable coat of mud.

The truck at dawn in the desert.

The truck at dawn in the desert.

Parked outside of Five Palms Oasis while we relax in the warm spring.

Parked outside of Five Palms Oasis while we relax in the warm spring.

Looking out over the desert at Imperial Sand Dunes.

Looking out over the desert at Imperial Sand Dunes.

From the Archives: Chianti

This one is recent, and was already posted here. It has taken me a while to adjust to post-processing properly, however, and I think revisiting this has given me a photo I am much more proud of. It does not have as much depth as I would like, but otherwise I think it is worth a look.

Chianti Countryside

Chianti Countryside

Some More of Torrey Pines

Heather and I went for a hike after work yesterday. It seems silly to work every day with Torrey Pines State Reserve across the street and not make it out there. I need to utilize that space more.

That being said, expect to see many more pictures of it in the future…

Paragliders Over Torrey Pines

I just got a new Olympus OM-D E-M10 II to make up for the sensor damage in my GM1. It is a bigger camera, but that affords it better controls and a very nice viewfinder. The autofocus does not seem all that amazing compared to the GM1, but I think I will get used to it.

For a first trial, I took it out to Torrey Pines for a little hike after work. There were paragliders out from the glider port, and they were framed nicely from the angle I had in the park. I have not quite gotten used to the characteristics of this camera, so my post processing might not yet be perfect.

Cañon de Guadalupe

This weekend, we traveled with some friends to the Cañon de Guadalupe in Mexico. There is a campground with hot springs and hiking, but it requires many miles of off road driving to get there. I used my recently acquired truck to get us there and back with quite successful results.

Unfortunately, my camera seems to have very significant dust on its sensor. This makes my usual landscape style very difficult to achieve cleanly. I tried my best to take pictures in ways that would not be impacted by the dirty sensor, with mixed results.

The view from a frigid pool we hiked up to

The view from a frigid pool we hiked up to

A friend's K5 Blazer peeking through the palms

A friend’s K5 Blazer peeking through the palms

Joshua Tree Panoramas

These are some panoramas I took at Joshua Tree. With all the modern technology, I have found it easy to handhold pretty good panoramas. Between easy software stitching and a good digital level in-camera, I can focus just on some basic framing and the ever important exposure concerns.

Indian Cove

Indian Cove Campground

On the way to 49 Palms Oasis

On the way to 49 Palms Oasis


The view over 29 Palms




Bonus: The desolate shores of the Salton Sea

Orion Looking Over Us

This is our campsite in Joshua Tree. I tried to take a lot of night sky photos, but the GM1 is not an amazing camera for it. I did manage a few gems however. I noticed all the interesting lights around the campsite and managed to frame them with the stars above.


Sunrise Over the Desert

We went up to Joshua Tree this weekend. I did a lot of HDR and panorama shooting; it is hard to fit this place into a single frame!


I am not completely happy with how this came out, but it is a good try at HDR. I took a few HDR shots in the past, but it has been a while. I do not quite like how my camera handles burst bracketing.

Sunset Cliffs (At Sunset)

Big Steps




Purple Starbursts

I was attracted to the vibrant colors of these urchins. I appreciated the abstraction of the rippling water; in retrospect, I might have wanted even more.


Golden Gate Panorama

I have been trying to do more stitched panoramas lately. They allow me to do landscapes with a wider field of view without buying more lenses (go minimalism!) and they allow me to make very large image files. I still think I favor single frame compositions, but I will keep on trying.


Golden Gate

I finally took a visit to the Golden Gate Bridge. It was nice to walk across it, although car traffic made it horrendously noisy. I cannot say that this photo bears any originality, but I like the composition and colors, so I am going to post it anyway.


From the Archives: Meadows

This one is not so very old. I took a good number of photos on a beautiful day in Cleveland National Forest, but never got around to working with the best. I love the way the clouds look in this one and I think the black and white treatment shows off the lovely shapes and contrasts in the frame. The aspect ratio was chosen because I recently had this photo printed at this crop size (11×17 inches), although I have been playing with aspect ratio lately, trying to decide how tightly I want to constrain the vertical dimension of my landscapes.


From the Archives: Snowshoeing in Burlingham

This one is reaching pretty far back, to a walk in the snow with my uncle. I do not know is post processing has gotten much better, or I have just gotten much better at it, but I did not think much of these photos until going back and picking out a couple that could use some work.

From the Archives: Over the Edge

I always loved this photo. It was taken with an old point-and-shoot, but it has a great feel. I gave it a slight revision in post processing here.